Avances notables en IA: Nuevos modelos destacados

Notable Advances in AI: Featured New Models

Artificial intelligence continues to evolve, new proposals, opportunities and challenges have been presented in recent months. One of the most notable advances is the ChatGPT model, developed by OpenAI, which combines natural language processing and a chat module. This model was retrained with the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback technique, which has significantly improved its performance.

Another notable model is Dalle-2, an improved version of OpenAI's first text to image algorithm, using diffusion models to generate images from text, in any style and surprisingly accurately.

Furthermore, GATO is a multi-modal, multi.task, multi-embodiment model, which can perform more than 600 different tasks with a single training. From processing text and cataloging images to playing video games and manipulating objects with a robotic arm.

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