Confidentiality agreement

NDA/ABC (Non Disclosure Agreement / Confidentiality Agreement)

In the event that you are reading this translated document, please note that the translation is for informational purposes only. In the event of a discrepancy or conflict between this translation and the original Spanish version, the Spanish version will prevail.

The confidentiality agreement (ADC), also usually referred to as “NDA” (Non-Disclosure Agreement), is a mechanism to ensure that confidential information shared between two or more parties is not revealed to third parties.

In the event that you are looking to explore new projects and a possible alliance with LAVOIG.NET, you can rest assured that we take confidentiality very seriously. For this reason, we have tried to include the necessary clauses for your protection in the same contract that we will conclude and thus guarantee your peace of mind. In fact, they protect you before you decide to contract with us, and even if you do not decide to work with us. All information exchanged between the parties before, during and after contracting, even informal communications related to the business, commercial strategies, products, technologies, results and similar, are considered confidential and are protected by the respective regulations that in each country protect industrial secrets and confidential information.


We know that you highly value confidentiality and for LAVOIG.NET your trust is of utmost importance, therefore, we have the following clauses:

Due to the execution of this agreement and its annexes, confidential information will be transmitted bidirectionally; Such information includes, but is not limited to, business plans, business projects, business development methodologies, information on application development processes, marketing plans, market studies, brand projects and other distinctive signs, suppliers, clients, prices and budgets. Said information and any other information transmitted by the Parties is of a restricted and privileged nature and the parties classify it as confidential information (the “Confidential Information”).

Confidential Information includes and covers information owned or in possession of the Parties as well as their parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, their clients, suppliers and their legal representatives. By virtue of the foregoing, both parties expressly undertake, during the validity of this agreement, as well as its possible extensions and after its termination for a period of 5 years, regardless of the causes, not to disclose, communicate or give disclose the Confidential Information to any individual or legal person, directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of the other party. Confidential information of a public nature or knowledge that the parties have previously known or found through their own means will not be considered confidential.

All information exchanged between the parties before, during and after the execution of this Contract, even informal communications related to the business, commercial strategies, products, technologies, results and similar, are considered confidential and are protected. The parties must refrain from disclosing the information mentioned in the previous section to third parties without prior authorization from the person who provided it. The use of the information will be considered authorized in the context of a contractual relationship with third parties linked to the services that are the subject of the LAVOIG.NET contracts that you accept, or specific legal or contractual obligations that require it. LAVOIG.NET is authorized to share confidential information only with service providers that allow the solutions object of this Agreement to be adequately provided. All LAVOIG.NET suppliers may only process such information for the purposes that LAVOIG.NET has established, which will be strictly related to the adequate provision of the products and services object of this agreement.

Issues regarding confidentiality of communications between the Client and LAVOIG.NET will be governed indistinctly by the provisions of this “NDA”, in the Contract with the Client, or by the Terms of Service.

You can find it in updated and current clauses in LAVOIG.NET's Contract with the Client.

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