Comienza el desarrollo de nuestra plataforma que centraliza y escala e-commerce

The development of our platform that centralizes and scales e-commerce begins

It is with pride and great happiness for all of that starting in August 2022 we will begin the development of our software that centralizes a large number of independent applications, which all united and unified allow you not only to create and develop your business online, but also centralize, manage and scale all operational areas at the same time to take your e-commerce to another level, both for products and services.

Our software will allow us to create and open a large number of online sales channels through which we can market our products and services, including social networks, marketplaces, in addition to your own site or online store, paid ads and traffic platforms. payment of each channel, the joint optimization as well as the scaling through these channels, thus allowing us to have a great omnichannel, in the same way it is planned that our platform can have an interconnection with the different physical points of sale.

Likewise, we know the importance of managing different clients who not only interact, but also require personalized attention through a client management solution, so the new system will also have this functionality. Other functions that we can obtain are the management of shipments and deliveries, complete analysis of each channel, product, collection, statistics and behavior of your customers, financial analysis, management of your entire team and collaborators, analysis of trends, market opportunities, products , task control, work groups, visualization of purchases, imports and exports, inventory management, advertising campaigns, organic content, documents, as well as creation of loyalty strategies, among other incredible functionalities that an e-commerce or online business you need, an all-in-one completely centralizing everything for scaling.

We think that the automation and machine learning that this system will provide will be a "game changer", to the point of being able to see artificial intelligence.

All of this is what we have discovered over the years that is needed when you operate an e-commerce of products or services found on the internet. Nowadays, there are too many applications that are excellent independently and solve many conflicts in different areas, but when you unify everything, you have a "winner", a full suite to create, develop, manage, operate and scale. an online business.

We hope to soon be able to give you new news about this new technology that we will be developing.

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