Actualización del proyecto "E-commerce Units"

"E-commerce Units" project update

During this beginning of the year 2023, expectations are very high for the line of "e-commerce units" that have been developed. We continue to develop in our daily life in order to take them to another level of online sales, always thinking about the end customer, providing them with solutions and offering products that are not only competitive in price and of high quality, but also giving them a great online shopping experience. .

Currently, there are 15 niches or departments in which our commercial units operate. The optimization of the channels where products and services are currently marketed, the improvement in content, marketing, paid advertisements, paid traffic strategies and response times in our contact center stand out. The promotional strategies that have been implemented in recent weeks and their automation also had a positive impact.

We continue to constantly work on updating the technology and functionalities that they need to continue operating, on the speed of navigation, as well as on the management and updating of inventories, as well as on increasing budgets to continue scaling.

With all these changes, what we are looking for is to have an impact on sales. We hope to have a new update on this project in the coming months.

We do e-commerce!

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