3 pasos para una atención al cliente efectiva en tu e-commerce

3 steps for effective customer service in your e-commerce

Customer service is a key aspect for any business, especially in the e-commerce industry. Below we give you some basic strategies to improve customer service in your online store, divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Before the purchase

Customer support doesn't start when the customer clicks the button, but long before. To generate optimal satisfaction, and therefore greater customer loyalty, it is necessary for the entire team to be committed to total customer service. This includes engaging potential customers through actions that encourage them to make a purchase.

Phase 2: During the purchase

The purchasing phase is a crucial moment for the customer service team, since this is where the first dissatisfactions can arise. To guarantee greater customer confidence, we recommend offering as many payment methods as possible, even considering accepting cash on delivery payments, in addition to keeping the customer informed at all times about the purchase process through emails, SMS or WhatsApp.

Phase 3: After the purchase

After-sales service is a delicate phase where many companies make mistakes that leave a bad taste in customers' mouths. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and know the customer's opinion about the purchasing process and their level of general satisfaction. In addition, surveys will also allow you to evaluate your own processes and how your customer service team is working. Finally, obtaining positive reviews and testimonials will attract new customers to your e-commerce.

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