Conoce los fraudes cibernéticos más comunes

Know the most common cyber frauds

The increase in the number of online stores in recent years has led to an increase in the number of internet frauds in Mexico. Additionally, there are several factors that have contributed to this increase.

  • According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), more than 400 online frauds are committed per hour in Mexico. During the quarantine in 2020, fraud increased up to 400%
  • Condusef received more than 3,451,219 chargebacks related to cards, which indicates that the largest source of cyber fraud comes from credit cards
  • The most common form of online fraud in Mexico is through phishing emails, with the aim of stealing credit or debit card data to clone them and use them without authorization to buy online
  • According to Condusef, the most common online frauds in Mexico are spam, smishing, phishing and pharming. These methods are used to obtain personal information from users and make transactions on their behalf without their consent.

The fraud with the highest percentage in Mexico in online stores and businesses is the cloning of credit or debit cards.

At Company during the year 2021, we received a fraudulent attack of 10,000 transactions that were not real through some of our "e-commerce units", this situation made us evaluate more than 1,000 orders, in addition to redesigning our customer strategy. customer service, shield our contact center and technology to avoid these types of problems.

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