¿Cómo protegerte de las tiendas en línea fraudulentas?

How to protect yourself from fraudulent online stores?

To protect yourself from fraudulent online stores, it is important to identify warning signs and take steps to avoid becoming a victim of cyber fraud. Here are some steps you can take to protect:

1.- Identify the security elements: A secure online store must have a digital certificate that uses the https security protocol at the beginning of its web address.

2.- Investigate the reputation of the page: It is advisable to search for information on social networks about the experience of other users to check if the site meets what it promises. In addition, there are sites that have a list of fraudulent online stores reported by other users and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) of Mexico, which has an online tool called "Virtual Store Monitoring."

3.- Review the legal information in detail: The Privacy Notice, the Terms and Conditions, the tax data and contact information of the company must be clear, real and if possible you should contact customer service to verify its authenticity and security before making the purchase.

Don't forget to review all these points when purchasing a product or service online.

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