¿Cómo vender productos y servicios en internet a través de Facebook?

How to sell products and services on the internet through Facebook?

If you're wondering, how can I start selling online? Don't worry, we'll tell you how.

There are many ways to start selling online, one of the most used strategies is to open a Facebook business page and an Instagram profile, which is good. If your business is in stage no. 1, you must consider that you are not going to invoice millions of pesos at the beginning, since your e-commerce or online business will have to go through different processes to start selling and scaling.

Although you don't need an online store or startup website, you can promote your products or services from your Facebook business page and Instagram profile, all you have to do is generate attractive content for these two sales channels and don't forget to combine it with paid ads, since, if not, how do you think your potential buyers are going to buy from you if they don't know and see you?

Additionally, a fan page can help you connect with future employees, suppliers, and media. To create a brand fan page on Facebook, just create a page, categorize yourself, optimize your page with quality images, complete all the information on the page and publish content to build a community. And don't forget to budget for paid ads!

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