La seguridad en línea: evitando el phishing

Online security: avoiding phishing

Phishing is a form of computer attack in which emails are sent with the aim of deceiving users and obtaining confidential information. The email is usually designed to look like it is from a trusted source, such as a bank or some formal service company, but in reality the email contains a malicious link that, when clicked, allows the attacker to access the user's private information. .

There are two main types of phishing: mass phishing, in which emails are sent to a large number of people with the aim of capturing information from some of them, and personalized phishing, in which a specific email is sent to a person in particular that includes information that only she knows.


To protect yourself from phishing, it is important to pay attention to certain signs, such as receiving emails that request confidential information, typographical and spelling errors in the email, or the fact that sensitive data is requested. It is also advisable to have a good updated antivirus with an anti-phishing function, do not open suspicious links and only open and operate on safe websites.

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