¿Qué es el e-commerce?

What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce consists of the distribution, sale and purchase of products and services through the Internet.

There are different types of electronic commerce: 

• B2C (Business to Consumer): Companies that sell to the general public or end customer.

• B2B (Business to Consumer): Companies that sell to businesses directly.

• B2G (Business to Government): Companies that sell to government institutions.

• C2C (Consumer to Consumer): Platforms in which consumers buy and sell among themselves.

Some advantages of electronic commerce are: 

• Customer expansion

• Scalability

• Extension of sales hours

• Differentiator and competitive advantages

• Reduction of operating costs, capital improvements and administration

• Improved communication and effectiveness of advertising campaigns and paid ads

• Implementation of technology, automation, machine learning and data analysis

What are the business models that you can implement on the internet through e-commerce?

• E-Fulfillment – Management of orders and shipping of products through our own warehouse. 

• Dropshipping – The main difference is that the supplier is in charge of shipping, while the seller is in charge of commercial strategies and online channels.

• Affiliation E-commerce – The store sends the product, in addition to the closing of the sale being made in a personalized profile of that same store so that the seller can obtain a commission paid by the store when the sale is confirmed. .

• Marketplace – A Marketplace is a “master” store where many products from different categories live, although there may also be niche Marketplaces.

• Membership – This type of business seeks recurring purchases through a recurring weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual subscription, etc.

• Print on demand – Each order is printed and shipped instantly as a customer makes a purchase through the store.

• Manufacturing on demand – Products are manufactured and shipped as the customer purchases one through the platform.

If you have an e-commerce idea or are thinking about selling a product or service online, don't forget to first analyze, plan, and then execute, implement and scale it.

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