Anuncios de 30 segundos en YouTube

30 second ads on YouTube

YouTube, the leading online video platform, is taking the TV advertising experience to a new level by introducing unskippable ads of up to 30 seconds. This decision aims to provide users with a more fluid experience adapted to large screens.

Until now, YouTube ads on TVs were limited to typical 15-second formats, which viewers had the option to skip. However, in its latest announcement, YouTube has noted that instead of showing two consecutive 15-second ads, it will now show a single 30-second ad that users will not be able to skip.

This modification is based on the understanding that viewers on televisions have different expectations and viewing habits compared to those who view content on mobile devices or computers. The transition to 30-second ads without the option to skip will provide a more immersive and consistent experience on big screens.

In addition, YouTube has hinted that it is working on new advertising experiences for the future. These include ad breaks, which will be displayed when users stop a video, allowing advertisers to take advantage of additional opportunities to reach their audience.

It is important to mention that although most ads on YouTube are free, there is the option to avoid commercial ads by subscribing to YouTube Premium.

YouTube continues to evolve to meet the changing needs and preferences of its audience, both on small screens and televisions. The addition of 30-second non-skippable ads is a significant step toward improving the advertising experience, giving advertisers greater visibility and viewers smoother navigation.

In short, YouTube continues to set trends in the world of online advertising, offering innovative solutions to adapt to consumer behavior. With a focus on quality of experience, the platform is building a more exciting future for advertisers and viewers alike.

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