Llama 2 llega al mercado: Meta y Microsoft unen fuerzas en el ámbito comercial de la IA

Llama 2 hits the market: Meta and Microsoft join forces in the commercial field of AI

Meta, the company behind Llama, the open source artificial intelligence model, is taking a bold step by launching a commercial version of its powerful model. This initiative will give startups and other companies a free alternative to the expensive proprietary models offered by giants like OpenAI and Google.

Llama 2, the new version of the model, will be distributed by Microsoft through its Azure cloud service and will be available to run on the Windows operating system. Additionally, Meta will also offer a direct download option, and will be available through other providers such as Amazon Web Services and Hugging Face.

Meta previously provided the Llama model only to academics for research purposes, but is now opening it up to a broader audience and offering an improved version. Llama 2 has been pre-trained with 40% more data than its predecessor, which has improved the quality and precision of its results.

The focus on open source is key to driving innovation, with Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, highlighting that "more progress would be unlocked if the ecosystem were more open." The availability of Llama 2 in open source offers a powerful tool for developers to build with new technologies and expand the landscape of generative AI.

Meta's strategy of offering a sophisticated, free model threatens the dominance established by companies like OpenAI, which offer proprietary models through services like Azure. The Llama 2 offering poses significant competition by providing more affordable options and less dependent on closed models.

This approach towards openness and accessibility of AI technology is also followed by other cloud giants such as Google and Amazon, which offer a range of AI models for enterprises.

The launch of Llama 2 opens up endless possibilities for innovation in the AI ​​industry, and Meta hopes that its model will become the default option to drive the creation of immersive experiences in the future, both for work and leisure. entertainment.

With Llama 2 available in the Azure AI catalog and optimized to run on Windows, developers will have the opportunity to seamlessly create generative AI experiences and deliver innovative solutions to customers across multiple platforms.

Meta's focus on transparency is also highlighted, as the company has provided a "responsible use" guide to support developers with best practices when fine-tuning Llama models.

In conclusion, the launch of Llama 2 marks an important milestone in the field of artificial intelligence. Its open source availability, significant enhancement, and distribution through Microsoft Azure and other leading cloud providers make it an attractive option for companies looking to drive innovation in the AI ​​industry.

It is a sign that the future of AI is opening up to an era of greater accessibility, transparency and unprecedented technological advances.

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