¿Qué es un Terminal de Punto de Venta y cómo mejorar tus ventas con él?

What is a Point of Sale Terminal and how to improve your sales with it?

A Point of Sale Terminal (POS), also known as Point of Sale (POS), is a device that allows businesses to process payments and perform other sales-related functions. These devices are very useful for those looking to automate and improve their sales processes, especially when it comes to digital payments.

Nowadays, POS terminals not only process credit or debit card payments, but also allow the use of digital payments made from mobile phones or other devices with NFC technology.

There are different types of POS: traditional, virtual and mobile. Traditional POS are the best known, and are usually used to process bank card payments. Virtual POS add administrative and marketing functionalities and are mainly connected via the Internet. Mobile POS, on the other hand, are integrated and synchronized with a main sales terminal and allow operations to be carried out outside the confines of the physical store and the main IP with which we operate online.

Regarding the operation of a POS, these devices generally perform the following actions: receive an amount or amount that will be the amount to be charged, connect with a bank card, request a password that verifies that you are the person authorized to operate with said card , send the amount and card details to the issuing bank or the bank designated to process the payment, receive payment validation or rejection, issue the payment and generate a ticket or electronic invoice certifying that the payment has been made. pay.

In summary, a POS is a valuable tool that helps physical businesses process digital payments, manage inventory in real time, and issue purchase receipts.

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