El e-commerce y la tecnología en la logística

E-commerce and technology in logistics

In order to sell online through the different sales channels that exist such as social networks, your own site or the different marketplaces, it is necessary to have high quality products, even if you are going to connect your e-operating system. commerce to your points of sale you need suppliers who can provide you with the correct quantities of inventory to store them and put them for sale on the internet.

Interruptions in international supply chains are a problem that has arisen in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, and these interruptions are caused by external factors that are beyond the control of the company and that put in risk its main lines of business.

However, technology has advanced in such a way that it is now possible to prevent and solve these problems. First of all, the supply chain is made up of a series of physical and documentary stages and processes to transport goods from one place to another in a methodical and successive manner. Some of these processes include production and storage, local transportation, processes, customs documentation, tax payment, land, sea or air transportation, as well as transit times and receipt of goods, all of this in order to be able to move products through the different online sales channels that exist.

With the arrival of the pandemic, many companies have recognized the importance of digitalization, the arrival of industry 4.0 is transforming the way businesses manage their supply chains to subsequently deliver quality products online to their customers.

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