¿Cómo manejar correctamente una devolución?

How to properly handle a return?

Returns are an inevitable aspect of the world of online sales, but they can also be an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand. Here are three key factors for managing returns:

1.- Assume responsibility and offer a solution for customer satisfaction, since it is the most important thing. Even if the return is not your online business's fault, it is important to take responsibility and offer a solution for the customer. This may be apologizing, seeking conciliation, or offering a new deal. The mentality of taking responsibility and offering a solution can turn any return into an opportunity to improve brand image and leave a positive impression on the customer.

2.- Makes the process easier for the customer since most return processes for them are usually very uncomfortable and stressful. Therefore, it is important to be an e-commerce that facilitates the process for the customer and does not complicate it. This process should be quick, simple and without too much bureaucracy. Also, avoid making the customer fill out forms, send emails or receive frantic phone calls to avoid returns; by making the process easier for the customer, you can improve their experience and increase the chances of them returning to purchase in the future.

3.- Use returns to improve your online business and each sales channel, both social networks, marketplaces and the site itself. Analyze the reasons behind returns and use this information to improve your purchasing process, your product descriptions, and the overall quality of your e-commerce. By doing so, you can prevent future returns and improve customer satisfaction.

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