¿Cómo aumentar la confianza en tu marca y reducir las devoluciones en tu negocio en línea?

How to increase trust in your brand and reduce returns in your online business?

Although it is impossible to completely avoid returns in an e-commerce, it is important to try to reduce them to a minimum. The goal should be to be a couple of percentage points below the average returns in your sector. We give you some tips so you can achieve it.

1.- Offer all possible information: One of the main causes of returns are erroneous purchases due to lack of information about the product. Therefore, it is essential that your e-commerce provides all the information available about each product, including detailed images, technical specifications and demonstration videos. This step will help reduce returns due to mistaken purchases.

2.- Establish real delivery times: Offering false or overly optimistic delivery times can generate many returns. When purchasing from an online store or marketplace, delivery time is essential for the customer. Therefore, it is important that you provide realistic times and highlight them on your website. If the customer does not receive the product on the agreed date, they may feel cheated and seek to recover their money.

3.- Offer an attractive return or exchange policy: Offering this type of policy is a good technique to reduce returns. Although it may represent a logistical cost, this option is better than having to return the money and also helps increase brand trust and encourage impulse sales.

4.- Improve the shipping process: An inefficient shipping process can generate returns. Therefore, it is important to work on improving this process to reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction.

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