Marketing and technology are increasingly related thanks to how quickly things are changing in the world of the internet. The fusion of marketing and technology is here to stay, the combination of both has favored the new trend called: Martech, which means the use of technological tools such as digital analytics or big data to improve marketing strategies and thus create opportunities. and be able to better measure the results.

There are many tools and technologies applied to marketing such as programmatic advertising platforms that allow you to optimize costs and resources to improve the effectiveness and profitability of the company.

On the other hand, adtech is a fundamental part of running a paid online ad campaign. Advertisers use adtech to buy, manage, measure the results of paid ads and reach new audiences. Adtech emerged to streamline the process of buying and selling online ads. This is technology that allows you to manage campaigns effectively, and it also helps companies maximize their return on investment.

The difference between the two is that adtech focuses on reaching consumers through paid channels using technology, while martech focuses on unpaid or proprietary channels using first-hand information.

At Lavoig.net we use these technologies to always achieve more, we are considered an e-commerce startup as well as a martech/adtech. What are you waiting for to meet us?

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