¿Cómo elegir el roadmap adecuado para tu proyecto?

How to choose the right roadmap for your project?

A roadmap is a key tool for long-term planning and success of any company. It offers a clear guide to achieving objectives, establishes defined priorities and allows you to quickly identify any deviations from the original plans. It is a useful tool for all specialty areas in a company, from marketing to finance, as it helps keep everyone aligned towards a common goal.

The roadmap is a visual tool that helps organize objectives and priorities. It allows you to project a clear path towards the realization of strategic plans, reducing time and risk in the process. It is a guide for development teams, designers, product managers and other members of the organization, so that they follow a clear path to project success. In the product area, include a list of priorities based on features that are expected to be implemented, as well as the expected timing of their release.

The advantages of using a roadmap are numerous, such as improving communication with stakeholders, reducing costs and increasing compliance with deadlines. It also helps to set clearly defined priorities and ensure productivity, make visible the steps necessary to achieve each goal, and make better decisions quickly when original plans deviate.

There are different types of roadmap that can help depending on the project you want to develop. A coaching roadmap is a detailed plan used to guide and support a person's personal growth process. A market and strategy roadmap is a roadmap that brings together different steps to achieve the objective or project within the market niche. Finally, a product roadmap is a plan that describes the steps necessary to achieve the goal of developing and managing a software product.

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