Algunos consejos para triunfar en comercio electrónico

Some tips to succeed in e-commerce

Businesses that begin to sell online must be patient and consider that in addition to the quality of the product or service, they must implement winning and retention strategies with their new customers.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital and multi-channel experiences were consolidated as essential requirements for consumers, who today are more connected, informed and empowered, also demand personalized recommendations, interact with augmented reality and other technologies to learn about a product before buying it and They masterfully navigate from different devices and platforms to find what they need easily.

In short, providing an exceptional experience today is crucial to increase sales and retain a greater number of customers regardless of the online sales channel, whether it is social networks, marketplaces, a website or an online store.

For many of these new e-commerce businesses, offering an optimal experience can be complex, as this ranges from the moment a person hears about the brand's product or service until they actively decide to stop being a customer.
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